Lunes, Marso 3, 2014

Miami is still dreaming the French

 Miami won the French households. After their American counterparts, they are the ones who have the most accessed April website to buy. The presence of real estate professionals in Florida National Exhibition French property held in Paris in April there is not foreign, according to the website. "The participation of the association (Realtors Miami ed) at international conferences such as the National Real Estate Fair was a great way to attract new buyers and foreign investors to the Miami real estate market" .

But if the French are so enticed by the "Magic City" in Florida, but also because it is now very cheap for its standard. Properties therein therefore are likely to be valued in the coming years, thus giving the opportunity to the owners to make gains in a short time. Which is not the case in France, where housing prices reach in some places, ceilings.

"Miami remains a real wise investment because the price per square meter is 2-3 times lower than cities such as New York or Paris and generally lower than that of French cities like Bordeaux, Marseille and Toulouse, 3000 euros per square meter for quality goods and 5-6 000 for premium goods, "stated there a few weeks the real estate specialist, Luxury Alexandra Dupont.

It should actually go back to 2007 to understand why property prices in Miami are also attractive. The subprime crisis has harshly affected Florida and prices there have been a precipitous decline. A catch-up effect is exerted since. According to local real estate professionals, there are still two years before prices return to their pre-crisis level. This means that time is running out for potential buyers.

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