Biyernes, Marso 21, 2014

National Real Estate Fair: A national exhibition, but with a Global Village

These destinations cater to exotic investors looking to diversify their investments , and retirees who want to enjoy this part of their lives to live in warmer climates and at lower cost , in France .

Indeed, all these destinations appear much lower than those in France property prices. Throughout fact, the financial crisis has reduced the claims of vendors, including Florida State of USA 's most popular yet .

Another determining factor taxation. While real estate taxes are cutting into France returns the rental and away 30 years total exemption from capital gain on resale , countries like Mauritius and Portugal offer possibilities zero tax under certain conditions .

Professionals in these countries have understood the unique opportunity presented by the Fair to meet with candidates in the sun.

Mauritius and there is strength . If prices start at € 200,000 for a small apartment near the sea , under the RES , a house at the edge of the Indian Ocean easily reached the million and a half euros . But the proud owner does not pay tax on capital gains or inheritance tax.

Florida also attracts more and more French . The Miami real estate market has experienced strong growth in December 2013 with a strong increase in sales of houses and condos, according to data from 31,000 members of the Association of Realtors in Miami.

In Asia , the dream begins to € 250,000 for a villa with pool on the island of Kho Samui. And a little later in the Pacific , New Zealand attracts French investors. Very politically stable , the country enjoys a vibrant economy and attracting more and more investors worldwide.

Recall that the National Real Estate Fair is a special moment for all those planning a real estate purchase.

Developers, builders , realtors, property managers , major professional organizations (Federation of real estate developers, Fnaim , Union of French houses ... ) , bankers , lawyers, management consulting heritage ... all professionals who make up the real estate landscape have indeed, answered present at this event.

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