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Miami Herald: Venezuelan underpin the property market in Miami

They had five years assessing whether to invest their savings outside of Venezuela , in Europe or in Florida. They were looking for an investment that will revalue over time, but above all, it is safe . 15 days ago signed the purchase of an apartment for about $ 300,000 in Miami Beach will also serve them as a holiday , and last week gave them the keys .

Buyers , Victoria, who does not want to be identified by his real name for fear of reprisals, and her husband, two young professionals are part of Venezuelans who have decided to invest in Miami and are a growing part of international buyers of residences in Miami.

Venezuelans have gone from being 16 percent of all buyers of properties in the areas of Miami and Miami Beach in the 12 months to June 2012, 20 percent in the 12 months leading up to July 2013 , according to a report prepared by the National Association of Realtors (NAR ) for the United States Association of Realtors Florida .

In addition , Venezuelans have moved from third to second place in the ranks of international buyers of properties in Florida , accounting for 7.6 percent of foreign purchases in the state. They are second only to Canadians ( who signed almost 30 percent of foreign property purchases in Florida ) and ahead of the Brazilians, who exceeded them in the report of 2012. The jump is due mainly to the percentage of property purchases among Brazilians fell from 9.3 to 6.5 percent.

The NAR report is based on a survey of 977 real estate agents in Florida.

"The number of Venezuelan buyers has definitely gone up. Venezuelans feel safer having their investments here , "said Aurace Rengifo , realtor in Ocean International Realty .

Security of investment was the main objective of Victoria and her husband to invest in Miami. They did not want to buy in Venezuela for fear that if they rent the property , the tenant has the right to buy it for a reduced or , if left empty, that the expropriation price.

" Perhaps you will be revalued in Venezuela 's percentage, because the supply is scarce. Here's more offer, but with all that the property is still revalued. It's a risk-benefit balance . One is more at risk in our countries but has more gain, " Victoria , who works in a multinational company said. Her husband has his own business in Venezuela .

Victoria and her husband are the prototype of the Venezuelan investor is buying in Miami , as described different estate agents : young professionals who often have their own business in Venezuela , which often have a partner or children and perhaps . Venezuelans who bought homes spent in Florida between July 2012 and July 2013 , mainly rent them for performance ( 38 percent of buyers as reported by NAR ) , as a holiday also would rent when I was busy (32 % ) and exclusively as a holiday ( 9%).

"Overall, the Venezuelan who invest now want to ensure that while not using the apartment can rent " confirmed Rengifo , who noted that some condo associations do not allow this practice.

"It's a mixture of the two uses , residential and investment," said Francisco Angulo , president-elect of residential property in the Realtors Association of Miami. "Many of these buyers will want to think of an alternative in case you have to come to the United States ," he added .

Although Victoria and her husband bought the apartment as an investment especially not think renting , but plan to spend their holidays there. They thought about investing in Spain , but there are still the crisis, while in the United States, property prices are already rising.

"In the U.S. , compared to every crisis, recover. They are prepared to recover, " Victoria said. He also bought in Miami Beach by weather and the beach.

62 percent of Venezuelans who bought a property in Florida , it was in the Miami and Miami Beach , according to the NAR report 2013. Next in popularity Fort Laudedale (9 % of buyers ) and the area of ​​Naples -Marco Island (6 %).

"Those who want to emigrate , are likely to residential places such as Weston, Doral and Kendall ," Angulo said. " Investors buy in Brickell, Downtown, Midtown, Doral and Aventura ." Other Miami Beach agents added to the list of preferred areas .

In addition to security for their investments , Venezuelan buyers also seek personal safety. "They like to buy buildings or communities with security, Doral, Weston, or condos with security at the door ," said Carlos Villanueva , regional manager Keyes Realtors. "The Venezuelan coming here mostly for the protection of their capital and personal protection ."

Also the price they paid for their apartment is about average . Nearly 60 percent of Venezuelans who bought some property in Florida paid between $ 100,000 and $ 400,000 , according to the report of the NRA . The price gives them to buy , especially apartments, condo buildings and townhouses . The majority - 78% - buy your apartment in cash, without resorting to a mortgage.

For Victoria, the decision to buy a condo was clear. "I wanted beach. I have other friends who bought in Kendall home and bought them because they wanted a house by the lake . For me the houses are unsafe , are more isolated . I like an apartment , you have a condo, maintenance costs are shared . And besides, if you're not going to live there , the houses will deteriorate further, " Victoria , having clear he wants to continue living in Venezuela said.

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