Biyernes, Marso 7, 2014

Why buy a house in 2014 is a good idea

Real estate remains a profitable investment

For many Belgians , buying a home remains a safe investment. The current low interest rates make borrowing particularly cheap , while many subsidies promote energy efficient homes . In addition, a portion of the mortgage is tax deductible.

Claim ownership today is therefore not a foolish investment. But this may not last forever : interest rates begin to rise , while subsidies are declining and that the tax deduction will be abolished from 1 January 2015. In other words , who wants to buy a house should ideally do so in 2014.

In 2015, the end of the tax deduction : it is better to buy a house in 2014
End of 2014 , mortgages spend federal regional . The system of tax deduction is very expensive, it would likely disappear from 1 January 2015. So who buys, builds or renovates from 2015 will no longer qualify for a partial tax deductibility of interest . Deductibles are sometimes quite high, it can deal a severe blow to your projects.

If this system is not extended by the Walloon and Brussels regions, however, remain valid for buyers who entered into a mortgage this year and next year. And until the loan is fully repaid , of course. From 1 January 2015 , the regions should provide a new type of compensation , which remains to be defined. It was not until the second half of 2014 to be attached to this issue. One thing is certain : this amount will be much lower , so that build or buy a home will become even more difficult in 2015. However, buying a house in 2014 knows the exact amount that will be deductible for tax purposes.

Take advantage of low interest rates

Economic fluctuations will , they also make life difficult for potential buyers . Low interest rates make borrowing very cheap, certainly, but experts predict a rise in interest rates in the coming months. If you want to buy a house, so better use low interest rates to your advantage.

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