Lunes, Marso 10, 2014

Immobilier en Floride : Evolution du marché

Florida Real Estate : To stabilize Price?

For ten months, they could afford , candidates for the acquisition of a house had every interest in not rushing the United States . Prices kept falling in effect . But last March, the real estate market in Florida is returned. According to the Florida board of Realtor , the average price of single-family homes in Florida rose 1 % compared to the previous month if we do not take into account seasonal variations.

In one year the real estate prices in Florida have fallen further to 4.5%.

This increase in raw data were already perceptible in February. But , according to this composite index, home prices in Florida are for the first time in almost a year remained stable seasonally adjusted data.

Analysts are they surprised by this recovery? Not really. It had been anticipated . Foreign demand is very strong in Florida, investment or pleasure, the property prices in Florida during the Dollar and promotes the entry of foreign capital. Miami , Orlando, Tampa attracting more and more buyers Europeans and Canadians on a still devastated by the subprime market crisis .

Stocks of real estate property in Florida have declined since 2009, but the foreclosure gate has Stope the majority of seizures since late 2010 . There is still a few years to invest in real estate in Florida.

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