Martes, Marso 11, 2014

Venezuelans leading Internet search homes in Miami

Next in the list Argentina , according to figures from the Association of Real Estate Floridad

Venezuelans ranked first last September in Internet search residential real estate market in Miami (USA ) , largely due to the " political and economic instability " in the South American country, said today the Association of Real Estate in the city of Florida , says the portal Latest News .

"Venezuelans have become the most searched in the revitalized Miami real estate sector " and accounted for 22 % of international sales that took place between July 2012 and July 2013, said Lynda Fernandez, vice president of the association.

After Venezuelans , the largest number of purchases in the Miami real estate market were made ​​by Argentines ( 11%), Brazilians ( 10%), Peru ( 9%) and Canadians and Colombians, both with 6% during the period 2012 -2013 .

In total, accounted for 114,338 visits last month Venezuelans to the website of the Miami Association of Realtors, 47% more than the same period of 2012 , Fernandez said.

Fernandez attributed the interest in property search in Miami for Venezuelans to the unstable situation in the country , and the strong increase in demand in this sector.

As for international visits to the website of Miami Association of Realtors , Canadians ranked second , followed by Colombians , Brazilians, Argentines, Lithuanian , French , Italian, Spanish and Filipino .

But the Miami real estate market is also very attractive to residents of other U.S. states .

Last September, consumers in California, Texas , New York , Georgia , Illinois and North Carolina, in that order, were the most frequently visiting the website of the Association of Real Estate in Miami

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