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Tax Evasion: no, big fortunes do not come in France

Government and Bercy in particular do not stop trumpeting the return of Swiss tax exiles . The figures are certainly good but this return does not prevent new leave to get away from French surfiscalité .

According to specialist lawyers , since the beginning of last year we treat one hundred large files per week . It is higher than those who are supposed to return sums ten times . Bercy boasts of a phenomenon that was not alarming and is silent on the departures , they are markers of real concern.

Depending on the services of the Department of Budget (Bernard Cazeneuve ) , requests for adjustments in accordance with procedures applicable since June were a big hit . The tax administration would have seen back 15 813 taxpayers with undeclared foreign account. These returns have already reported 230 million euros , all cases under investigation are 2.4 billion of assets. On 2014, the budget has programmed a tax refund of € 1 billion .

Between those who think and those who accept return back , there is a significant margin

And of course the success of this operation is related to the effort of the State which has reduced to 15% penalty rate for tax liabilities fraudsters and 30 % for assets fraudsters. So this is not an amnesty, but it looks like him. When viewed under the microscope , this report is discouraging. Even sad .

The return of capital illegally invested abroad is due to this pseudo tax amnesty but also because Swiss banks have committed to be transparent. So they warned their customers that they were asked to move their little treasures . And where to go ?

All Destinations are distant and insecure . Bercy skillfully plays on the confusion between taxpayers illegally Exiles ( over 15,000 ) and who inquired , and those who actually initiated arbitration proceedings ( 2631 cases) and finally those who were treated and have therefore paid their fines , (241 files). Between those who think and those who accept return back , there is a significant margin.

Those who return , really are not super rich

Those who return , really are not super rich. The filings today relate to amounts of less than EUR 100 000 . A joke do you ? EUR 100,000 , enough to buy a car in Paris. No more. To whom belong to " the enormous fortunes "? Primarily to French who live in France and have inherited an account on which parents or relations had left their tails inheritance . It is obvious that these heirs have jumped at the opportunity to repatriate this money without penalty.

To make it legal to launder kind of money that at first was probably not very clean. Assets that were not, because of their unscrupulous ancestors. Large fortunes they do not fit . But beyond this fraud big fortunes illegally placed in Switzerland and can go as well in Qatar or Dubai , which one does not speak, it is the existence of a totally legal exile accelerated past year.

Large fortunes that require a move to Geneva, Brussels and Luxembourg are becoming more numerous. Bercy does not give these figures. Taxpayers fleeing inheritance and ISF. There are bosses who sell their business to retire , are the heirs of large groups that do not have the benefit of the exemption , it also has patterns of investment funds . All those who have invested their fortune in start -up but does not manage all owners of hyper- market let go . S

Not to mention, and this is news, Peugeot , now they are ousted from the company will obviously go into hiding to avoid the ISF ... and join their cousins ​​on the other side of the Swiss border. All this begins to be interesting escape from € 10 million fortune . This is the price of a building in Paris or a very big business , or even a small business .

The preferred destination of French pensioners

They are between 5 000 and 10 000 be in this case , carriers have to the amount of £ 5 to 10 billion euros. They legally with Bercy negotiated exile. For information, € 10 million fortune, is a minimum of 150 000 euros EWB . Not negligible these days . But that 's not all : there has finally ants who want to avoid the income tax , and ... heating costs .

The French middle class has no other fortune than a secondary residence and a comfortable retirement ( between 5000 and 10 000 euros per month ) the French middle class goes today reside legally in paradise tax specially designed for them.

In the trifecta of the favorite destinations of French pensioners : - Portugal exiting the crisis thanks to the influx of capital. Last year , Portugal would have earned 2 billion euros. - Morocco , but it is not new . - Florida and Mauritius ... but it's a bit far.

French pensioners who are easy to evade taxes , also have small children they want to see often enough. These destinations attract wealthier middle class . That said, all these countries have the same benefits. They are bathed by the sun, with a chic and cheap because of the crisis that crushed real estate prices . And cheap services. A couple of retired officials who struggled to finish the month at Paris live like a mogul in Lisbon or Agadir. This exile here is perfectly legal. Bercy will not oppose it.

So it is not for sale . He prefers happy to meet anyone who had " bad luck " to have a little thug ancestor who had stashed money in Switzerland and seeks to recover today. So rather than bring cash in small amounts when they return from winter sports, the heirs prefer to pay the tax and be all . The fee is cheaper than the TGV. But to say they mark the return of confidence in the virtues of the French model , should not be exaggerated .

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