Lunes, Hulyo 21, 2014

The shipping containers can be converted into affordable housing

The Washington Post noted that the container ships are the basic component of the global economy, "the large steel boxes that ply the oceans," large containers. Now in Washington DC have been converted into a student experiment that has triggered a debate on affordable housing. "They are striking and cheap houses", says the article.

The architects of this project is to use containers pose discarded as new homes for low-income families. Davies, one of the architects of the project, states that have attempted to provide a welcoming atmosphere to these houses. The doors and windows will be introduced floored. In addition, each bedroom will have a mirror in the closet.

Workers in Baltimore breads cut steel to create an open kitchen and living space. These containers were placed in three storages and each level will be six containers. Each of the four floors will be designed as a single apartment, each with six bedrooms and six bathrooms.

The walls that give the exterior of the residential areas will be transparent plastic to be used as greenhouses. Containers are acoustic and thermal insulation, plywood walls and floors birch plywood original. Larger containers will be worth $ 2,000.

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