Miyerkules, Hulyo 2, 2014

For important issues, avoid volunteer counselors

In times of storms, cyclones, hurricanes or better whatever you call these tropical phenomena, to earthquakes, tornadoes and floods, there are many who are concerned about their safety, their property or belongings; but very few of us really know the protection afforded by your insurance policy. Especially living in a shared property or condo.

Do you know, for sure, what is the deductible that covers your insurance policy in case you need to make a claim?

Are you aware that regardless of insurance you have the condo association for the property itself, you should have contents insurance?

Many condo owners who believe that to a natural or accidental phenomenon, their personal property will be covered by the master policy that has the association and there is no greater mistake to have that belief, for policies that protect the property have nothing to do the personal property of each of the owners.

It is highly advisable to buy an insurance policy content. These policies are not expensive and, depending on the selection you make, the same cover from the replacement of the lost, to compensate for a loss as the remaining value of the object.

The policies of civil (or liability) responsibility are another product that must be viewed very seriously, because if someone has an accident inside your unit, the insurance association shall not be liable for the incident. Also this insurance will defend them against any claim, fire or water leak originating on your property and they can harm people or neighboring units to yours or another's property to be affected by the fact.

Who just from renting a unit in a condominium or any other type of property, should also be aware that the responsibility for personal property up to them and that the landlord only insures the building against any individual or casualty.

I recognize to avoid expenses that are not absolutely necessary; but insurance for durable goods is something that should be given special attention, for the cost of replacement.

Many have paid an insurance policy for years, never wanting to have to make use of it, while we wonder why we continue to maintain active; but how painful would it happen and we were seeing an unplanned unprotected!

Consult your insurance agent and Learning more about your policy. Management is well worth the time you spend on it.

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