Lunes, Hulyo 7, 2014

75% of real estate sales ads is dollarized

75 percent of the notices published in the housing market is related to the sale of units and most of the prices are in dollars, according to a report site.

Details that dollarization of supply for the city of Buenos Aires was given from December 2012 and in Greater Buenos Aires is evident from October 2013.

Make that the relationship between notices published for sale and for rent in the city of biennia Aires, develops for sale with 75 percent, following an increase of the number of notices issued for the sale and by reduction of vacation.

Indicates that prices continue to buy dollars and hold similar values ​​stabilized to October 2012 for the city of Buenos Aires. In contrast, in the Greater Buenos Aires this trend was consolidated on prices in the first quarter of 2014.

The increase in selling prices in pesos began to slow, incorporating the exchange variation occurred during the month of January this year. For the Greater Buenos Air this month was up three percent accumulating an increase of 16 percent in 2014, just one percentage point less than in the city.

The rental prices in the city of Buenos Aires accumulate an annual growth of over 30 percent, accelerating in the last six months. In Greater Buenos Aires, the percentage is 23 percent, also accelerating in recent months to a projected 29 percent.

The garages, meanwhile, remain unchanged, following the trend of growth in line with the settings registered in the rental.

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