Miyerkules, Hulyo 2, 2014

The downtown Miami County's future

The development of downtown Miami and the future of Miami-Dade County are closely linked. The effervescence that is contemplated in the downtown turn affect the entire County and each financial plan to advance in the same always lead, to the front, downtown. The reason is simple, the downtown is the face and the reflection of the soul of Miami-Dade.

To better understand what represents the downtown, we have to refer to the area that affect the activities conducted therein.

Today its vibrate seems to vanish along Second Avenue Northwest, as this is what we are used to seeing, but to the extent that economic activities will increase in the county, due to the modernization of the port's profits which will provide the new Intermodal Transportation center, which will enable better communication and faster and varied services to the cities of the north and center of the state, we can see the downtown Miami cross the river and move north, with buildings housing the parent companies representing international firms, for which your business is based in Latin America. Similarly the warehouse district, business wholesale, service centers, shops, restaurants, entertainment, recreation areas and multi-use buildings, which give shelter to-business on the ground floor of doubling Built-in families and raised floors.

If the start of the new economic growth for Latin America develops as currently projected by the end of the second half of this decade, when the absurd understatement of the imperialist dream is nothing more than a bad dream and Latin Americans have been convinced that only by embracing socio-economic policy based on full development of the individual citizen and the unrestricted freedom of opportunities for them may be reached at comprehensive development of the area, Miami will be here, ready to encourage and be part of that development. Providing expertise in business, trade, logistics, legal, and financial advice. Everything is a matter of time before we see downtown Miami advanced to the Dozen Avenue Northwest.

The biggest face in the future growth of downtown to the city of Miami downside would be the unbridled development of the area.

Those with their hands on the release of future construction plans must take into account the conservation of green areas and the creation of new public parks that meet the needs of free space for residents, visitors and workers in the area.

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